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Digital Foundations Program Kick-off Session 

วิดีโอย้อนหลัง: Digital Foundations Program Kick-off Session (Playback video)

Live Launch June 2020 

The Digital Foundations Program, which is an important part of True’s digital capability framework towards organizational transformation. This program is based on the program developed by General Assembly, a global pioneer in digital career transformation from New York, the USA in collaboration with members of Global Standard Board (e.g., from Amazon, Google), with an aim to build the foundation on key digital topics (e.g., being data-driven, being customer-centric, being agile) in order to keep pace with the digital revolution of this era and to allow you to reflect on how you can apply what you learn in your role at True Corporation.

To prepare you for the learning ahead. Provided, the Kick-off session video recording includes;

• Overall learning journey of the Digital Foundations program (e.g., timeline and expectation) 

• myGA platform overview and login instructions 

• Outline of the Digital Foundations modules (e.g., course content, scheduling mentoring sessions, assessments)  

• Next steps



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